Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer - 9 ft. Cord

Forget heat damaged hair. The Zuvi Halo uses patented LightCare™ technology to dry the surface of your hair, protecting hair moisture within the hair shaft. The result? Your locks are:
  • Up to 109% internal moisture

  • +38% shinier

  • +17% smoother

  • +57% longer color retention

You may choose different plug and voltage options based on where you want to use the dryer.

Important Notes
  • The voltage in EU / UK is not compatible with US, mis-matched usage will cause product damage, and not covered in the warranty. 
  • Shipping EU / UK version to North American address will require additional postage due to international shipping. Additional postage may apply in the case of return or warranty.

    Plug - Voltage: US - 110V

    Are you worried about Fine, Fragile, or Thinning Hair ?


    As we journey through life, our hair can go through many changes that may result in various hair issues.






    Stop "Baking" Your Hair

    The hair dryer you use is crucial to the health of your hair.

    Traditional hair dryers use extreme heat to dry your hair, basically "baking" and overdrying your hair and scalp, leading to dryness and damage.

    Zuvi Halo's LightCare™ technology uses light to dry only the water droplets on the surface of your hair, protecting your hair's internal moisture for healthier hair.

    Lower Temperature, Efficient Drying

    Looking for a gentler hair-drying experience?

    The Zuvi Halo hair dryer is a great option for those with sensitive scalps or who prefer cooler temperatures. At a lower temperature of 111℉/44℃ , Zuvi Halo is gentle on the scalp and hair, safe and comfortable to use, while still drying hair quickly and effectively without compromising the health of your hair.

    Technology Inspired by Nature

    Think of it like air-drying your hair on walk outside, but at a much faster rate.

    We took inspiration from nature's most common method of water evaporation that occurs everyday - natural sunlight and wind, and built it into our patented LightCare™ system to avoid overheating your hair and scalp, preserving moisture that's essential for healthy, beautiful hair.

    More Than Just a Hair Dryer

    Zuvi Halo is engineered for hair health, to help you maintain the internal moisture of your hair cortex; resulting in stronger, healthier hair with added shine and smoothness.

    Learn more: Zuvi Hair Lab

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    Hair Moisture

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    Shinier Hair

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    Smoother Hair

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    Color Retention

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    Stronger Hair

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    Hair Temperature

    What to Expect

    Keeping your hair hydrated is crucial for its health and strength, especially when it comes to fine and thinning hair.




    Why Everyone Loves Zuvi ?

    「頭皮が熱くならないので、いつもみたいにクールダウンのために休憩する必要がありませんでした。 最高ですね。」

    By: Sarah Hoffmann, Commerce Producer at ALLURE

    Beccagayle R

    " I normally air dry my hair because I find it tedious to use a hair dryer but I actually consistently & regularly use this one because it’s doesn’t burn my scalp. "

    Tammy C

    " All other hair dryers should just give up now. This is how hair should feel and look after blow drying. "

    Chelsey Z

    " I have tried another popular hair dryer and took it back due to my hair feeling so dry. I would highly recommend this dryer! It's quick and I don't feel like I'm frying my hair. "

    "I've tried Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer and have also recommended it to my patients to support them on their hair health journey. One of my patients has been using it for a few months and has noticed a considerable improvement in her hair quality, including extra shine and moisture."

    By: Hannah Gaboardi, Trichologist

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    I really wanted to like this but it didn’t dry my hair any faster or softer. And my hair didbt hold the style as long.

    Josephine Leslie (United States)

    This is the best hair dryer I have ever used. I’m so taken with it that I bought one for my hair stylist! She loves it as do her other clients.

    Katy Harmon (United States)
    Want to love it ….

    I do love this blow dryer and my clients are always interested and I recommend it to them yet as a hairdresser I wish it was faster. It takes me a lot longer to finish my clients and I often feel like they still have a dampness in their hair. It has a lot of power to it and I also feel like it’s harder to control the hair, which creates snarls.
    With that said I love the concept and I do tell my clients it would be a good investment for them …. It’s just a harder tool for a hairdresser.

    Thank you Katy for your valuable feedback. We appreciate your recommendation to your clients! This product is ideally suitable for customers to use at home for their daily drying routine - it is not a professional hair dryer. While it might not be as fast as some salon professional high power hairdryers, it would make a great tool for clients who have sensitive scalps, damaged hair, thin hair or clients looking for natural shiny hair after blowdrying. I hope this is helpful!

    The Zuvi Halo uses light energy and lower temperature wind to dry hair, while preserving the internal moisture and keeping the hair in a healthy state. The internal moisture will make the hair cooler and softer, which might be the dampness you felt. It uses only about 40% of power compared to a traditional blowdryer.